Blogmas Day 11: All I Want For Christmas is For The Pandemic To End

Our world has really changed this year hasn’t it? And although the pandmeic has taught me to appreciate the simple parts of life & this so called “new normal”, I can’t help but wish for the days we used to have before all this happened. It goes to show, you don’t fully appreciate what you have until it’s taken away from you.

All I want for Christmas is for the pandemic to end.

Stay in your homes they said. Keep 6 feet away from all people (even your loved ones). No hugs. No kisses. No get togethers. No vacations. STAY INSIDE. Or else, you & the ones you care about will get sick or even succumb to something much worse.

I’m not trying to be a downer, especially so close to the holidays, but I can’t help but wish for things to be back to the way it was, before the world shutdown. A year that will go down in history no doubt. We will tell our children & their children & their children, about the changes & rebirths that went on in 2020. Not only were we presented with a virus, but also racial injustice, social changes and disruptions. Parents had to become teachers, teachers had to adjust their curriculums & learn to educate the youth from a computer screen. Essential & nonessential were the rankings of society. Some people’s careers taken right from under their feet. While others were “lucky enough” to be working from home. And healthcare workers busting their asses saving others’ lives. But do people realize even those changes can be detrimental to one’s mental health? But of course, as a society we still had to throw judgment wherever we could. Even during the most unprecedented times, where people are losing loved ones left & right while still trying to maintain some form of a life.


That’s the only way I can describe this year. Even when we were basically forced to be lazy. Stay home. Watch tv. Do a puzzle. Color. It was still so tiring. My mind wouldn’t shut up. When was I going back to work? Would they even call me? Will I have to start my life over? At almost 30?! Are you kidding me? When life was already hard enough it seemed. But we made the best out of it. And we STILL are.

Watch tv. Learn some Tiktoks. Conduct Zoom meetings. Have Zoom dinner dates. Gain a hobby. Buy a Peloton. Read a book. JUST DON’T THINK ABOUT THE WORLD BEING IN SHAMBLES TODAY! Distract the mind. But it really couldn’t be distracted.

What do you mean we can’t visit our grandparents? Funerals aren’t a thing right now? How are we supposed to grieve the loss of loved ones properly?

What do you mean children can’t go back to school? I have to work! I can’t be a teacher too!

So many questions running through all our minds.

Just Wear a Mask. Everything will be fine! But it’s almost 2021 & we are still in this mess.

I know it’s frustrating & we’ve had to adjust to great lengths for all this. But maybe even though it’s upsetting times, we can find the good. I learned life is a beautiful thing even when you are going through hell. With every experience you are becoming more resilient. So maybe. Just maybe, we can gain an appreciation of our lives that we never had before. It’s safe to say, we were comfortable with our freedoms & our privileges.

So maybe the key to all of this is to live simple. Or at least learn to adjust to a more simple life. Then maybe when it becomes normal again, it will actually be new. It will be the newest of normals & we will be better off.

How has this year been for you? Let’s share our stories in the comments

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34 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 11: All I Want For Christmas is For The Pandemic To End

  1. I’m a homebody, so being hole more wasn’t a struggle for me. However, having my entire family home when I was used to having the house to myself most of the day was challenging the first few months. Also, my husband and I usually travel 4-6 times a year, so that part has been hard to deal with. I’m with you, all I want is for this thing to be over ASAP!!!

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  2. Absolutely love this post and I feel you when you said, “exhausting” because YES IT IS honestly. With all this that happened it can really be hard to keep our heads up consistently. But yeah, we see the world most beautiful when we experience hell. We see the silverlinings and those are the things that keep us going. Thank you for sharing this! xx

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  3. I feel the same way you do. It is not time to drop the ball now just because it’s Xmas. We are so close to getting vaccinated so we need to pull together and stay safe. We are in the home stretch.

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  4. Don’t worry – I don’t think this post was a ‘downer’ it’s just telling the straight facts and this year hasn’t been fantastic!

    While everyone in the UK was getting excited for Christmas, Tier 4 was introduced and those plans slipped through our fingers. Although I’m glad the Government aren’t relaxing things because of Christmas, it is dreadful that there will be so many people lonely this Christmas. It is devastating to hear of people who won’t be spending their last Christmas the way they want it 😦

    Exhausting would be one word to describe it! I have been trying my best to keep my chin up but it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. This year has taught me a lot, and I’m so lucky I was able to spend it safely at home ❤

    I will be making a positive entrance into 2021 but if even next year isn't wonderful – we've done it once and we can do it again. We have learnt so much, and have come to appreciate those little things a lot more.

    Hope you have a safe and happy rest of the year!

    Catherine x

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    1. Thank you, Catherine!
      Yes, hopefully we still find a way to make this holiday season fun and safe for all. It really is devastating. I feel for everyone in the Uk especially Tier 4. ♥️ But we all will get through this is will be stronger for it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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  5. This post is exactly how I feel right now! I’m trying to see the positives, but it is definitely challenging. I’m home alone with a bored 3 year old who doesn’t understand why we can’t go play with other kids. I miss friends and family and can’t wait for the day that I can hug the people I love again.
    Thanks for sharing your perspective!

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  6. Great post. I wish it was over and done with now.

    Back in March it seemed surreal, now in December on the day which would have been my wedding day, I find it more surreal and even more difficult to deal with!

    Let’s hope this is soon part of history rather than our present x

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  7. After the shut down, our life wasn’t that different. The biggest hardship was giving up our extracurricular activity. Then I realized I couldn’t go into the phone store when my phone began acting up or I couldn’t just send my kids to their grandparents for a weekend because I needed the mental break. This year we’re giving up Christmas with the family and it’s been hard. I do hope that things will get better in the next year because it’s the small things, good and bad, that make a big difference.

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  8. Ugh. Some people said this was their best year. It’s kind of difficult to accept that seeing how we’re in the middle of a pandemic but it did happen.
    A lot of people had great years.

    For me, I have grown so much this year– in ways I never anticipated.
    I really need this pandemic to go away too

    But while it’s still here, I’ll keep kicking ass.📌

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  9. You write beautifully✨✨

    This year was one hell of a headache and no amount of paracetamol could heal. I hope next year would be better —filled with all the things we missed this year. xx

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  10. I agree with you completely! We just need people to stay inside so we can get through this and get back on with our lives. Wishing you a lovely Christmas xx

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