Blogmas Day 8: My Lockdown Experience

I’ve seen some other bloggers share their pandemic experiences & I figured I would jump on the bandwagon too. I find other’s perspectives on this crazy year to be interesting. Plus, I feel like we all can relate to some of it.

It’s funny when I think back to the start of 2020 I had no idea life would become so different. We spent New Years out on the town. We got dressed up in our fanciest attire, had dinner & watched fireworks when it struck midnight. I was working at the same job I had been for a few years, still living at home but planning to move out in the spring & everything seemed to be ordinarily the same.

I was getting sick of my mundane life. Work was a bore & I just wanted to be out on my own. But at the same time the comfort of my hometown was hard to leave for some reason. I knew I needed someone or something to shake things up. There was no way I would do it on my own.

When I first heard about the virus it was through a few comments & memes online. It wasn’t until my brother wasn’t allowed to be on campus for his final semester at college did we know shit was getting real.

It was March 11th when I got the call. I was all dressed for work & practically walking out the door. My mom was urging me not to go & that it was unsafe. But luckily the phone rang & my boss said the following sentence that would change my life forever.

“We will be closed until further notice.”

A few weeks went by & I was still living in two places at once. Half the time at Todd’s & half at my parents. It got exhausting. When stay at home order was announced, I had had enough & told my parents I was moving out that evening.

I grabbed two duffle bags & filled them with as much clothing as I possibly could. I even tried to fit a few framed photos that hung on my walls. By the time I was done, my childhood room was completely bare minus the bed and a few empty pieces of furniture. I would get the rest later, I decided.

In a lot of ways I knew I had to make this transition as abrupt as possible. No time for reminiscing or sad goodbyes from me. Hell no. I was going to suppress those emotions & deal with it later.

When I got to my new home, I went up to our room, walked over to my nightstand & placed my childhood stuffed animal monkey on the table. As I looked into its hollow eyes, a tear trickled down my cheek.


Settling into my new life was pretty easy. I knew living with Todd would be a breeze but I thought I’d miss my old life just a bit. Emotionally, I was kind of a wreck though. I was turning 29 & had no job at the moment. I felt lost. I spent most of my days on the couch, watching tv shows, building puzzles, coloring & crying myself to sleep some nights. But I slowly developed a new routine. I found joy in the simple things like my morning smoothie or walks in the neighborhood. The fact I wasn’t the only one struggling made it better. And I was slowly making the best out of a weird new life.

I became healthier & was working out most days, we got lost in home improvement projects & watching countless movies in the evenings. I remember one hot summer day, I decided to rip out weeds in our backyard. Who was I becoming?? I quickly turned into Susie homemaker. Someone who prefers eating out at restaurants was cooking at home! I’ll hand it to the coronavirus for making me into more of an adult.

I missed my family though. I missed Starbucks runs with my mom & watching YouTube videos with my brother. I was battling two loses: moving out of my parents & trying to socially distance & create a new life for myself. It was tough. I thought life was already hard & we were dealing with enough already. The pandemic was the icing on the cake.

Like I said living with Todd made it fun though. I give props to those having to live alone in apartments during this time. I’m sure it’s been lonely. We managed to entertain ourselves nicely. When puzzles were all the rage, we stayed up until 5 am to finish a 1500 piece one. I had no idea it would be that fun. Or maybe, I’ve become delusional.

For a while, Todd took over the living room and made it his office for 6+ months. So, during the day, I had no place to just sit & be alone. I ended up creating a “quarantine room” (as I called it). I brought my old tv from my childhood bedroom & Todd’s black couch & made a little “babe cave” if you will. I spent a lot of days watching Seinfeld & reading tons of books. But in the back of my mind, I felt incomplete.

Don’t get me wrong, days doing absolutely nothing & sleeping in was great for a while. But the urge to be productive ate away at me. I was writing in my gratitude journal one day & thought of starting a blog. I’d always wanted to but never had the time before. The crazy idea sat in my head for a few months. Everytime I had nothing to do, the idea would scream louder in my mind. Finally, in July, I decided to create a blog. And Mind Beauty Simplicity was born.


So, before I discovered my happy ending of blogging, I focused my attention on the news & projecteries of covid cases. The reporter in me soaked up all the information. It seriously felt like we were in this weird movie. The situations we’ve had to deal with truly felt unreal.

And I speak about it like we aren’t still dealing with it today, but practically 10 months later, we are still in this mess. By the time this post goes live I wonder if the US goes on another lockdown. I know the UK is at the moment. I was someone who got cabin fever over being snowed in. This experience has made me stronger in that aspect.


It’s easy to focus on the negative during this time. I haven’t been able to visit my sick grandmother who lives in another state. I lost a family member (who I wasn’t too close to) to the virus. But regardless it was weird to know someone included in those stats. My family hasn’t been able to celebrate holidays or birthdays in the ways we usually do. But regardless of the uncertainty, we’ve made the best out of a horrible situation.

We try to get outside as much as possible. Eating outside at restaurants wasn’t too bad, until the temperatures dropped. And Todd & I made a few purchases to make the home life more entertaining. The inflatable hot tub has been quite the hit. And we’ve been playing more video games like Fall Guys & Among Us. Tik tok isn’t too bad either.

When we look back & tell our stories to future generations of 2020, it will be a mix of tragedy, societal change & weird trends. “Grandma, who was Tiger King?” I think we will come out stronger & more resilient to change. When our children tell us they’re bored, we will laugh & tell them they have no idea what boredom really is.

Obviously, I look forward to the days we don’t have to wear masks or social distance from the world. But until then, I’m going to continue to look on the bright side of this situation & make the best out of these days. Wouldn’t it be cool if they made a book depicting individual stories from the pandemic. Kind of like Humans of New York vibes. We all have unique stories. Some of us have gone through quite worse. But each are special in their own way.

To all my readers & fellow bloggers, I hope you stay healthy & happy during these trying times. If you would like to share your stories of coronavirus & lockdown, please do. I would love to read them.

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38 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8: My Lockdown Experience

  1. Yes, lockdown is hard. I am staying home right now because my family has it so we do not want to spread it. It’s not as bad as the news makes it sound, I know a lot of people who were high risk and they got it and they were fine.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Yes, I think it all depends on the person. I had a family member pass away from it. Like any new virus, there’s still plenty of unknowns. The US has put more restrictions in place but we are not yet on full lockdown in my state.

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  2. This is such an interesting post. I didn’t realize it was a trending thing and now I need to hunt more down. Thank you for posting this – we’re similar in age, so it was interesting to see someone who’s in my life stage dealing with this. Your story is similar to mine yet super different, it’s neat. I’m gonna write one of these too, you’ve inspired me! I’m glad it seems to have mostly worked out for you, though I am sorry to hear about your family member. I hope we all can get past this during this coming year. Stay safe, pal.

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    1. I’m so glad it was relatable to you. I think it’s important to openly talk about these things because so many people focus on the highlight reels of life. Go for it! I’d love to read your post! Hoping things get better. Stay safe as well 🙂

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  3. I’m sorry about your loss. I completely understand all of it! I didn’t have a chance to see any of my relatives and my parents for almost a year. It was a weird time to be in, but as you did, I tried and made the most of it after a while. Thanks for sharing xx

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  4. I’m sorry to heard about all the challenges you’ve faced this year, it’s nice to read other people have been through similar things, even just emotionally. I love that you’re looking on the bright side, that’s something I’m trying to do too. There’s really no other place to look! Wishing you the best for the future 🙂

    Anika |

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  5. I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you went through a lot in 2020. Thank you for sharing your reflections as well. I’m glad that you and Todd were able to make yourselves a home as well. Here’s to a peaceful 2021!

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  6. It’s hard to even remember when things changed. It was all of a sudden. I feel like we woke up one day to a very different world once covid hit. Even though so much has changed. I am grateful that it slowed things down for me. I feel like a lot of closures it has brought our family closer together. We cook more at home and as of right now I don’t feel like I missing going out. I am a homebody anyway. 🙂

    xo Erica

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  7. It is so interesting to read everyone’s experiences over the past few months. So many common feelings even though our experiences were different. I did about 4 months with my flatmate before moving home to be with family and both those experiences were something. While I came back home to be close to loved ones since my anxiety was crazy high but it was weird getting used to it since I haven’t lived lived at home for 5 years. But I guess this has been a year of learning, growing and acceptance for all of us. Making the best of everything that was handed to us. 🙂 Hope 2021 is better for all of us.

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    1. I’m sure going back to live with parents after being on your own was weird! But yes we’ve all just had to make the best out of these situations and see it as growth and realization. I see 2021 being much better 🥰


  8. We’ve been lucky to enjoy some great social distance sports this year. Golfing is pretty much no contact and riding motorcycles is another one that got us out and about. The thing I miss most right now is that my kids sports got canceled. Football is too close contact to play and softball wasn’t allowed to play because our insurance wouldn’t cover us. The hardest thing to do at this time is watch people who aren’t social distancing enjoy things that we would like to do. A lot of softball teams around us practiced through the whole thing.

    I try to keep it all in perspective. The last big pandemic in the 1900s lasted two years. We haven’t hit the one year mark yet. Hopefully by this time next year we will be back to normal.

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    1. That’s good you found a few alternative sports but I understand what you mean. That is the most difficult part, seeing people act like it’s a normal year. Oh my gosh, I didn’t think about that (2 years – crazy!) hopefully things become better soon!

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  9. Thank you for sharing your lockdown experience! It’s so cool how you started your blog during the pandemic and how you started taking better care of yourself during that time as well! I love hearing about how people found the positive side to this pandemic because it’s easy to come up with the negatives. For me, I got to check out these bands that I’ve always wanted to dive into, but I never had the courage to do so until the pandemic. Also, because of online school, my schedule was more flexible. I had Mondays off and I got to see my grandma on her birthday and on my birthday as well (both fell on a Monday)! That was a first seeing my grandma on her actual birthday (I think), so that was really nice!

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  10. I could relate on so many levels. It may sound weird but I thankful for this year —it taught me so much. Most of all learning to believe “good things are waiting to happen for me”..When patience is the only option —you learn a lot of things about yourself.

    I love this post✨You are right, I am always very intrigued my everyone’s different take on the pandemic —how we all have different experiences but somewhere along the line, we share the same stories, having survived this year.

    P.S Sorry for this awfully long comment😂this post took me to another place xx

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  11. I mean this year has not been without it’s stresses (my boyfriend and I both work in the entertainment sector, so he lost in job in July and I’ve been clinging on to mine for dear life), but it’s brought us closer than I could have ever imagined, and now we live together and for that I will be eternally grateful!

    Katie |

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    1. I’m sorry for the job loss. But yes I can relate to this because I lost my job and still moved in with my bf and we are closer than I ever thought we could be. So there is good that has come from this year. I hope things get better for you both and he finds a new path 🥰


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