Blogmas Day 6: Decorate For Christmas With Me

My minimalism mentality has gone out the damn window this holiday season. Perhaps it’s because it’s 2020. I don’t know about you, but I needed some holiday cheer inside my house. If I’m going to be told to stay inside more often, I want my house to scream Christmas. I think if something makes you happy, you should embrace it. Finding a place to store everything will be another story…

The Tree is The Main Event

The focal point to our Christmas aesthetic is our tree. It fits perfectly in the corner & I love how it peeks through the window. We stick with red & gold ornaments as it gives a more seamless vibe. The only extra ornaments are ones of our initials. In the future, I would love to find some that depict certain milestones of our relationship. My favorite part of the tree is the plaid ribbon wrapped around it (which was my boyfriend’s idea). Good idea, babe! I have a smaller Christmas tree in my blogging office that holds an array of winter themed ornaments.

Stockings Were Hung On The TV Stand

Who needs a fireplace when you can put the 10 hour Youtube fireplace channel on your tv? We also hang our stockings here. We considered hanging them on the stairs, but I personally love them closer to the Christmas tree. We also really love gnomes in this house. We just find them so funny. We named the three sitting on the coffee table: Muff, Gruff & Scruff. Most decor I will be showing are from Target, At Home or Michael’s Arts & Crafts. Some items were also previously owned by family members.

The reindeers and stockings are all from Target

Above is a picture from last year on Christmas morning. All of the ornaments, star & ribbon are from Walmart.


We still need to get the wall fixed & painted grey, but we managed to make it work this year. We plan to actually replace the shelf with a larger wooden piece to make it stand out more. I found this Merry Christmas sign from Target for only $25! I thought it was perfect for this space & in the future would look amazing above a fireplace. And yes, we are into these birds this year. We were given a few from his grandma & we found more at Target. Now we have a whole family of them. I find their little outfits hilarious. It’s so important to make life fun & find ways to make yourself laugh. And of course, we strung some garland around the staircase to add more festive flair.


Like I said before, we like gnomes in this house. I don’t know what it is but we just find these things so hilarious. The star of the show this year is a TJMaxx find over Thanksgiving Weekend. He sets perfectly in the corner of our staircase. But of course the obsession doesn’t stop there. We have others on our bar shelf & throughout our living room. Most of which were from Target, which you saw in the previous photos.


I decided to showcase my smaller Christmas tree in my office by the window. You can see it from the front yard & I love the eclectic group of ornaments on this tree, especially my Grinch one.

My mom gifted us this Grinch 2020 ornament as well, which is appropriate for the times.

This is from the Jim Shore Collection at Hallmark


This letterboard is from the baby section at Target lol


I tied this bow around our light fixture & added a small tree in the center of the window. I absolutely love you can see the Christmas tree peeking from the living room.


Kitchen table center piece: container is from At Home whole everything else is from Target
This sign I purchased last year from Michael’s Arts & Crafts. The Santa sack is a hand me down

Let the countdown to Christmas continue!

Don’t forget to follow me on my social media accounts: I will be posting tons of festive photos on my Instagram & stories as well as creating holiday boards on Pinterest.

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55 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6: Decorate For Christmas With Me

  1. Your home is festive decoration goals! I love the gnomes throughout your house, the garland around the railing and your boyfriend really did well with his ribbon choice. Happy holidays! 🙂 I type this while snuggling my Christmas reindeer plushie and hoping my poinsettias remain healthy until my family comes by for the holidays.

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