Blogger Recognition Award

Sundays on Mind Beauty Simplicity will be Shameless Self Promotional Days! I’d much rather save Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays to my usual scheduled content & add Sunday as a day to share any nominations or tags I’m mentioned for the foreseeable future. Hope you enjoy this little update & let’s get into today’s blogger recognition.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you & provide a link to their site
  2. Do a blog post about this award
  3. Give a brief summary about how you started your blog
  4. Give two pieces of advice for any new blogger
  5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award
  6. Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them & provide them with your link to your post

I’d like to give a warm thank you & shout out to SunKissed Lex Blog for nominating me for this Blogger Recognition Award. Lex is an amazing writer who is passionate about nature, health & spreading awareness to help people feel their best each & every day. If you aren’t following her yet, what are you doing? Her posts are so enlightening & inspiring.

Alright, let’s get into the questions…

How & (Why) I Started My Blog

I feel like most of you have heard the story but if you are new here, I was furloughed from my job back in March & needed something to occupy my time while being stuck inside my house. It took me awhile to finally create the site (end of July) but I was brainstorming about it for months. Writing has been my niche in life & I never really knew where to go to express it. I tried making a blog 7 years ago actually but that only lasted a week. It’s still active to this day. haha. And I attempted Youtube for about 3 months but shied away from it because I was embarrassed people I knew would make fun of me. Funny how things change over time because I’m sure there are people making fun of my blog right now, but I don’t really give a shit. Yay for growth!

I was actually trying to think how I even came up with the name Mind Beauty Simplicity because I have no idea. I mean I guess I combined psychology, makeup & minimalism into one concept but I don’t really know for sure. I love it though & it’s definitely not as cringe as Brittany’s Beauty Blog.

You Seriously Want My Advice? Again?

I wrote a blogger’s advice post a few weeks ago. If you haven’t checked it out the link is right here. I give a set of tips for any beginner blogger out there. But my biggest piece of advice is not to be cookie cutter. BE YOURSELF. Don’t try to be like everyone else on here & don’t compare your success over anyone else. Blogging is supposed to be fun & a way to express ourselves. And my second piece of advice would be to BE CONSISTENT. Don’t just write one post & leave for 6 months. If you want to see progress, you have to give your audience something to look forward to. Make a schedule even if it’s only once a month. I personally post 3 days a week with the occasional 4th post on Sunday’s now. I think that’s what has ultimately helped me.


  • What has been one of your most proudest moment in your blogging journey?
  • What has been something you have had to overcome / learn in the blogging world?
  • What’s something that helps you keep going during these pandemic times?
  • What’s your favorite form of self care?
  • What is one misconception people have about you?
  • If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?


All of these bloggers mentioned are doing amazing things in the blogging world & really putting the work in. I recommend you go follow each & every one of them.

Headphones Thoughts

Delicate & Brutal

The Tea Chest Blog

Agapephilia Life Coach

Business Women Thrive

Blog Life With Erica

Beauty of Cafe

Blog With Shreya

The Art of Films & Books

Nour of Just Giving

Addie of Shining Star

Being Alaia

Rachael Hawksworth

Demi Le Huray

Happier Freelancing

Hope you enjoyed this bonus post. Look out for my post on Monday all about interior design ideas according to a minimalist!

9 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. It’s good to hear you used your lockdown time to get started. I was laid off for 3 months earlier this year, but I didn’t start my blog until September…long after returning to work. I feel like my time laid off was so wasted!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Congratulations on your award dear! You deserve to be recognized for your passion and support of other bloggers! 😊💕 I am so honored that you nominate me for this award. 🤗❤ I look forward to answering your questions and spreading some blogging community love 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It was lovely reading more about you. I also started blogging during the lockdown and like you, I was shy at first… now I don’t give a shit 😂 You have a great blog. Ill be checking out these other blogs too. Have a great day 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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