I Can’t Believe Owning Less Would Lead Me To This

It’s amazing how a single change, like letting go of a few belongings could have an affect on me. The concept of change can be a daunting one, even when it feels like something pretty simple. Some of us feel like we could never reach that type of potential or we don’t think it’s possible at all. But the thing is, change can happen. You just have to believe it.

I have always been the type of person who played it safe. I chose a college that was comfortable & close to home, because the thought of living on my own at that age seemed scary. I chose a degree that was safe, one that people understood. I chose a job that was safe & comfortable because the thought of reaching further seemed impossible. Do you notice a pattern?

I thrived on safety & comfort. I rarely went off the grid. And when I did, I felt guilty, secretive & uneasy. Now, I’m not saying becoming more minimal was the complete answer to my change. But I will say, it helped in the journey.

My mindset before living more intentionally revolved around the happiness of others & what others thought of me. I was a follower in a sense, never making my life my own. I heard opinions like demands. And thought all my ideas & decisions were wrong.

It got me thinking, if this is my life, shouldn’t I be the writer to my story? So, I reevaluated some things. I reflected on my own thoughts, got to the bottom of some of my coping mechanisms & perspectives on things & tweaked them. Material items ruled my life before. But I learned I shouldn’t put so much value on my stuff.

It’s like the concept of the person with a pretty face & a shitty personality. Sure, they are nice to look at & are really attractive, but do they have depth to them? I saw my life as this pretty appearance but not having enough layers. I acted fulfilled, but if all those pretty things were taken away, I knew I’d feel alone.

I wanted to reinvent myself.

It has been so much more than just decluttering stuff. Sure, my space is less cluttered, I have more time & I don’t feel bogged down by the unnecessary. But I had no idea it would lead me to become more confident in my own being.

Funny how owning less leads you to more confidence. I feel more in control of my decisions. I don’t feel the pressures of others. I don’t feel the judgments of my mistakes or path. I see my future in a much more clearer light than ever before.

And the thought of change no longer scares me.

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41 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe Owning Less Would Lead Me To This

  1. I relate to your love for stability. Oh man, change is rewarding, but the initial push is excruciating. 😂😂 I’m so glad it led you to find your being!!!!!!! It’s funny that our true nature is often found outside our comfort zone. 🙂

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  2. Good for you!

    Far too many people seem to value their worth based on what others think of them. Now, if you value the opinion of these other people, fine, take on board their thoughts. But if you don’t value their opinions – why worry about what they think? Do what makes you happy.

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  3. Loved this post! I deal with staying safe and in my own comfort, I worry things would go wrong if I step out of it. Since recent I’ve decided to really focus on the things I want to do and not worry how other people think, its a struggle but I’m getting there. Happy to know your confidence grew from a few changes 😊.

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  4. What a lovely post! I was similar in a way but I forced myself to move away to uni in a different city because I wanted to do more outside my comfort zone and boost my confidence, and it truly helped me! But I agree about being minimal and decluttering space. Things are not important 😊 x

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  5. I admire you for making the change. I, too, am afraid always doing what’s safe and reachable and everyone understands. I totally see how minimalizing can help with that. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Our life changes once we let go of having material things rule us. Now, it is easier for me to give away things to those who really need them or love them. Though I have to admit, I am keeping some important pieces. Yet overall, there is a burst of happiness in living simply, keeping things less!

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