How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

If this post seems familiar, it’s because I’ve written about this topic before. I felt like my post on a capsule wardrobe could be improved & updated from that post. But if you would like to see my older post, click here. I felt like I could provide you with better tips & explain why I love having a capsule wardrobe. Plus, I feel like 2020 is a great time to try living with less clothes in your wardrobe. What is fashion anymore anyway? Anyone else embracing the joggers & slippers vibe?

What is a capsule wardrobe?

by defintion, “[A capsule wardrobe is] a practice of editing your wardrobe down to your favorite clothes (clothes that fit your lifestyle + body right now), remixing them regularly, and shopping less often and more intentionally.”

A huge part of my minimalism journey started with my closet. I wouldn’t consider myself a shopaholic in the past, but I was definitely getting there. I spent money on clothes for the wrong reasons – usually when I was feeling upset. Although I love fashion & love having variety within my wardrobe, I was wasting a lot of money. And I was buying clothing that fit trends, pleased other people or what I THOUGHT i needed to have to feel more fulfilled.

It was a slow process & to this day, I am still trying to improve in this department. I decided to participate in Project 333 for this very reason. Even though I’ve decluttered plenty of clothing, I still tend to feel dissatisfied with my pieces. So by participating in this challenge, I wanted to get to the bottom of it all & truly develop a wardrobe I’m proud of owning.

How To Get Started

When you want to revamp your wardrobe, you have to start fresh. And as daunting it may seem, you have to take EVERYTHING out of your closet. I remember when i first did this at my parent’s house, my stuff lined the upstairs hallway. Bins of shoes, piles of clothing, hangers everywhere. I was embarrassed those items were all mine. And the fact it all fit in my closet, I was shocked. But I realized when you look at your decluttering challenge in such an extreme light, it helps you remove more items than you would & help you see the impact stuff has on your space. When I went back to my empty closet, I was relieved to see nothing there. I could finally start a new & only put back what I truly loved & used.

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Consider This Before You Put Anything Back in Your Closet

What are my favorite colors to wear / what makes me feel confident?

What types of clothing do I need that fits my lifestyle?

What colors do not compliment my appearance?

What is my overall style?

By determining your style, color preferences & overall lifestyle; you can determine which pieces of clothing can stay & which can go. For me, I am a rather casual dresser with a few statement pieces. I like to have a few business casual outfits for professional purposes, athleisure wear & basic tops & pants. I prefer Earth tone shades like black, grey, white, camel, olive green & navy; with the occasional reds, mauves & baby blues. I lean away from oranges now, dark purples & yellow.

What helped me determine which shades work best with my skintone, I researched color theory within style. This concept helped me realize why orange always made me look washed out. And how red is my power color.


Decluttering the key to organizing your closet space. You don’t want to organize items you don’t need in the first place. Make it easier on yourself & create less.

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This is seriously my favorite step within this process. I’m the type of person who prefers to have most of / if not all her clothing in a closet. I like seeing everything I own at a glance. When I have things in drawers, I tend to forget about them.

The layout of your closet is crucial. At a glance, you want your space to look pleasing to the eye. For a proper aesthetic, I like to have matching hangers (I like the velvet ones). When it comes to displaying your clothing on a hanging rod, I like to follow these steps:

. line clothing from bulkiest (coats) to the lightest (tank tops)

. organize by type of item (coats, sweaters, cardigans, t-shirts, tanks, pants, shorts etc.)

. organize by sleeve length (longest to shortest)

. organize from light to dark & then rainbow order

. I like to hang up my pants (jeans included) but always consider the amount of space

. store shoes, purses & other accessories on shelves

. make sure all items are seen & on display

. bin smaller items by type & possibly with labels

Before I was a minimalist, I was more of an organized hoarder. This is why I’m not the biggest fan of shows like the Home Edit. Although they provide with great organizational tips, they aren’t encouraging people to declutter or own less of what they have. I for one, always felt like I needed to own every color of the rainbow because it wouldn’t “look” as organized in color order otherwise. I’ve retracted this idea, & only stick to the colors that work best for me. I don’t have to bin my belts because I only own one. So, instead I hang that single belt on a hanger. I think the key is to sort your belongings in a way that is visible, execible & displayed in functional ways for your daily life.


Here are a few of my favorite go to items currently:

BASICS: I think having basics in your wardrobe creates a nice base to your outfits. Sure, it may seem boring, but let me tell you, they are very versatile & being an outfit repeater can easily be done. I like having a black, grey & white t-shirt (of multiple lengths). These pieces don’t go out of style & you don’t need to try hard to look put together.

basic tees in neutral colors

Sweaters: These are essential in my fall/ winter closet. Not only do they keep you warm but they also hide the food baby that develops after eating tons of holiday food. I love this one from Jcrew which I found on Black Friday last year for only $15! And this color is perfect for fall. The faux leather leggings are a new addition to my closet. I got these at Zara for $25. They are very stretchy & add a little bit of edge to my outfits.

camel colored sweaters & faux leather leggings

This photo from NYC was taken in 2015. And I still own this duster / jacket to this day. It’s from Zara (bought it during this trip on 5th avenue). I felt so city chic. I especially love the faux leather details on the sleeve. I love finding pieces that I can have for years to come. Plus, it always reminds me of this trip. The Uggs I’m wearing are also a staple to my winter looks. I know it’s quite basic, but they do the trick with keeping me warm. So I’m not complaining.

statement jackets & coats

Good Fitting Jeans: I’m always on the hunt for jeans. I finally found a brand I’m obsessed with & they are Topshop Jamie jeans. They are the perfect length & fit tight enough. I used to love Paige denim. But for the whopping $175 price, I couldn’t justify them anymore. I loved them for their soft material and stretch. But I swear they stretched out way to much & ended up giving me saggy butt. So, they had to go. If you have any jean recommendations. let a girl know. These boots from Sam Edelman have been around for about 5 years now. They are a little scuffed up but are still going strong. I love the gold detailed buckles.

jeans, sweaters & ankle boots

The main thing to consider with a capsule wardrobe is making it your own. Wear what makes you feel the most confident & practical for your life. Just consider less is always more. 🌿 You’d be surprised at how much clothes you actually wear. And during quarantine, it’s many been sweats. With few items, you can actually create a multitude of outfits. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned for my update on Project 333 coming in January.

These are just a few ideas to include in your capsule wardrobe. Ideally, it all depends on the season & practicality. And of course, less is always more. 🌿

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36 thoughts on “How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

  1. This is an excellent post. I have been making really good progress with paring down my wardrobe but I still have more to do. When I’m ready for the next round, I will come back to this post.

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  2. What a very informative post about decluttering one’s wardrobe. Which reminds me, I have to organize mine! My closet is a mess and there are a lot of clothes there that I do not wear anymore. I think I will donate them to charity.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for this! I really need to go through my closet and pull out the things that I don’t need and add fresh items. There’s just so much in there that I don’t wear. But I’m so reluctant to get rid of any of it. in case I need it one day. And therein lies my problem

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  4. I went through a similar journey during my sophomore year of college, where I abandoned my band t-shirts and black clothing for girlier pieces and pastel colors because those were what most girls my age were wearing, those were the trends. I wasn’t happy though, since then, I’ve learned that it’s not worth following the trends if I’m not happy with my wardrobe. Great tips on decluttering your closet. Thinking about your style and deciding from there, why didn’t I think of that? Brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

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