What 31 Days of Declutter Taught Me

Over the month of October, I participated in the 31 Days of Declutter Challenge that was created by Bonnie of Beautiful Minimal Millennial. If you are interested in more posts about living with less & sustainable living, definitely check out her page. This challenge really taught me a lot about why we hold onto the things we do & the importance of letting go of unnecessary items.

If you want to see some of the things I decluttered, check out my Instagram highlights where I tried to document each day. But to be honest I think I missed a few days. But I’m human. Let’s get into what I learned.


As someone who donates items regularly, I was surprised how much I still had to remove from our home. Most things were those just in case items that I felt like I needed to keep in the hopes I’d need it in the future, because you just NEVER KNOW. I also realized, when you first move into a place of your own, you are advised to have an assortment of belongings in numerous categories, primarily for guests. Being it 2020 & we don’t really have many overnight guests anyway, I felt like owning a closet filled with extra linens was WAY TOO MUCH. A lot of the ones we had were old & worn out anyway. Now I have a nice small collection of backup sheets, a blanket, pillowcases & towels in a spare closet, organized in nice drawers. They are accessible but out of plain site to create an aesthetically pleasing look. But I realized a lot of the things I’ve held onto are those someday items. “Someday I’ll have an occasion to wear this dress.” “We may need this blanket someday.” When in reality, someday never comes & all you have is a closet full of junk.


I’ve been learning a lot about color theory & which shades complement certain appearances. With that, I’ve been letting go of the products that don’t provide that confidence to my face. Not only this, I still own some products that are just super old. If you would like to see a post on color theory / decluttering makeup collection further, let me know. I realized I still held on to those experimental products that I was persuaded to buy through Youtube videos. I used to feel like I needed every new product out there. But now, smaller collections are the rage.


I will for sure discuss this in more detail once Project 333 is over. But basically, I realized some of the clothing choices for this challenge did not compliment my appearance whatsoever. So I was able to pair down my wardrobe even further. I’ve really learned to stick with clothing that makes me feel the most confident. Experimenting with trends & styles that aren’t me isn’t my thing anymore.


The idea of finding at least one thing to get rid of each day was exhausting. Some days I’d forget. Or other days, I’d plan ahead. I think on a day to day basis, this way of decluttering isn’t ideal. But I will say decluttering a little at a time made it feel less daunting. I think this challenge would be perfect for someone who hasn’t really decluttered at all yet. But when you already have that mindset engraved in your brain, it can actually become more difficult. There were some moments where I personally felt like if I got rid of anything else, I wouldn’t own anything. So, that was rather eye opening.


I don’t know about you, but once the holidays roll around, gifts & purchases start piling in pretty quickly. This is why I get my holiday shopping done before Halloween. But anyway, I found decluttering this month has allowed me to clear out my space for new items & also prepare myself for the months to come. I always seem to be the busiest during the last few months of the year. With family get togethers, shopping & other responsibilities, I find myself having no time for cleaning & organizing until the new year. So, this decluttering challenge came at the perfect time. I even spent a few days going through my wrapping supplies to see if I had enough for this coming holiday. Since, I’m doing a low buy this year, I wanted to be fully prepared.


Whenever I declutter, I always have an epiphany over the money I wasted. Even though I’ve been better about clothing purchases, I always seem to come home with some doozies. I’ve also learned purchasing items from fast fashion companies is probably not the best idea even though the price seems great. I purchased quite a few dresses from Forever 21 since they are going out of business, & some of the clothing pieces just didn’t work. I’ve gotten to the age where certain cropped shirts just don’t do me justice. I want to mature my style more & choose pieces that are more flattering.

Again, if you want to see the exact items I decluttered this month, go over to my Instagram & check out my #goodbye31 story folder. Did you participate in this challenge? Would you like to try this out in the future? If you did try it out, what did you learn?

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29 thoughts on “What 31 Days of Declutter Taught Me

  1. I like the idea of doing something every day. I have so much to do it is just easier to let things pile up and deal with it later. But is that really easier? Probably not. But I do it. I think I will try this approach. Thanks!

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  2. I have trouble with holding on to “someday” items too. I always try to be prepared for different scenarios but I can see how this mindset creates a lot of waste and clutter. And l can’t wait to read more updates on project 333! I haven’t committed to that project yet but I keep thinking about it 🙂

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      1. I’ve mostly been in leggings and pajamas anyway where I don’t leave the house much 😄 This probably would be a great time to dive in and try it because I probably wouldn’t have much trouble picking my 33 items 😃

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  3. I have been doing a decluttering session of my kids toys and clothes about two months before their birthday and then again about two months before Christmas. It clears out some room for the incoming presents plus I normally get some good ideas of things they actually need that I can share with people who are looking for gift ideas.

    I haven’t heard about project 333…I’m interested in hearing more about that!

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  4. You are brave!!! I decluttered over the course of 2 years and still have a bit to go … in total about 5 big suitcases of clothes and 1 of shoes are gone 😅 can’t imagine doing it over 31 days!

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  5. It’s interesting that you have an epiphany about money when you are cleaning out! I feel like decluttering gives me epiphanies too, but instead of immediately, it declutters my anxious mind and creates “energetic space” for new thoughts to come in!

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  6. This sound like such a brilliant idea – I want to give this a go soon! maybe as a new years thing. I have so much makeup i need to declutter that I don’t use because it doesn’t suit my eyes/skin. Thanks for the inspiration!

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