10 Things I Do Now That I’m A Minimalist

Ever since I decided to live more intentionally, I have changed the way I see life completely. The things I found important in my life was what I owned, how I was portrayed online & what people thought of me. Now, I’m much happier, focusing on my own worth, the experiences I make, the relationships I have & the impact I have on others. Here are 10 Things I Do Now That I’m a Minimalist.

1. I Look For New Experiences

Instead of looking for my next purchase, I am constantly in search of new hobbies, hidden gems & places to visit. When you leave this Earth, you don’t leave with your belongings. Only your memories & relationships with others. Visit as many places as you possibly can. I know 2020 has interfered with this some, but I’m telling you there are wonderful places to visit right outside your front door. You just have to go hunt for them. And in the meantime, create a list of places you want to visit once things are back to normal.

2. I Actually Use Up Products I Buy

I get my money’s worth for the things I buy. And I no longer hoard back up products, just in case items or those products you try once & hate. I own one bottle of shampoo for example, & I won’t buy a new one until it’s finished. This way of life has saved me money & prevented me from wasting product. Not only is it great for my wallet but also an easy way to be more sustainable.

3. I No Longer Try To Keep Up With The Joneses.

Comparison & One Upping people is honestly so exhausting. You can never really keep up & are wasting so much time just trying to prove success to other people. Why not just enjoy what you have, don’t brag about your success & be confident in your own being? In a world where social media snatches joy from right under your feet, it’s important to step away from these platforms & understand those are simply highlight reels. If you want to read more about social media detoxes, click here. Wouldn’t it be more refreshing if people showed all sides to the story?

4. I Enjoy The Little Things

I used to feel like my life had to be so extravagant. I had to spend tons of money, visit the most fancy locations for what? To show people I can? To make myself feel more whole? This year has taught me happiness can be found in such simple ways. I embrace that type of life now. I’ve become a real homebody. My favorite moments are the evenings on the couch watching shows with my boyfriend, or talking on the phone with my mom. I don’t go searching for things to fill a void any longer. I let myself feel those emotions, talk it out & move on. I’ve become a stronger person this way.

5. I Have Better Relationships With People

I was someone who focused on my own happiness harder than others. Not in a spiteful way either. More like an oblivious way where I would stay in my own safe bubble. Now that I’m more aware, I ask people how they are doing more often. I listen to their stories instead of quickly telling them mine. I help people with their problems instead of always burdening them with my woes. I realized when I focused on the stuff, I became a worse friend.

6. I Know Who My Real Friends Are

I love the friendships that are there for your highs & your lows. The type of friends who love coming over your house, sit on the floor with a glass of wine & talk about life. As I’ve gotten older & out of the college party phase, I realized which friendships would stay. There are people you meet in all stages of life & some of the ones from college were only for that phase. Nothing against anyone, it’s just the facts of life. I wish them no ill will, it’s just not my seen as much anymore. I love getting together & just having meaningful conversations over going out and dancing & not really knowing the people outside of that. As you get older, you have your family as support but you also need a few friends in your corner as well. Find the tribe of individuals that encourage you & show off your best self. Everyone else is toxic.

7. I Show More Confidence

When I was a teenager, I would get myself so upset if my outfit wasn’t perfect. I was too much of a try hard & honestly the outfits weren’t that great. I worried about not being pretty enough, not having the latest trends or whether my bra straps were sticking out. Now that I’m older my fashion sense has improved so much. The only reason for this is my sense of confidence has improved. I don’t own the most unique clothing pieces. But I know what works for me & I rock it. It’s all in attitude really. Honestly, my outfits are pretty plain Jane if you ask me. But they are classics. I rarely look back at a photo & question my decisions whole heartedly.

8. I Save Money

The amount of pointless purchases I’ve made in my life is astronomical. Luckily, I’ve nipped it in the bud now. I recently went on a low buy year where I only purchase true necessities. And no, the joggers from Target were probably not on my NEED list, but I’ve been better about my purchases overall. When I do decide to treat myself, I appreciate it more. Before, I would spend so often that I stopped being grateful. “Oh that $50 Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlight Palette? Trash! And like that palette, it just sat in my drawer untouched.

9. I Have Gratitude

That house you live in. The nice bedding you sleep on. The pets you own. Never take those things for granted. I used to have the mindset of always wanting the next best thing. Enjoy what you have in the present moment. Take in those things & treasure them. Life is too short not to be grateful.

10. I Live A Happier Life

To some it up, minimalism has made me a much happier person. I thought I was happy with the way I lived & with the things I owned. But that was not the right mindset. I didn’t realize I used material items to hide from my problems, my emotions & people. I’m more authentic. I take pride in my life. I cherish my relationships with people. I make even more memories. I live for me & no one else.

I’m not saying if you aren’t a minimalist, you aren’t a happy person. I’m just saying this way of life has helped me see myself & the world around me in a different light. Just living more intentional & loving is enough. Be a good human.

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44 thoughts on “10 Things I Do Now That I’m A Minimalist

  1. This is the way to go. I’ve not been able to become a minimalist but I’ve been implementing a few of these things in my life. Lockdown has removed all my needs and desires for “things” and I can appreciate the simple stuff. Great post!

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  2. This was a beautiful post I absolutely loved it!!!!! I mean. Through a lot in 2020 I have lost most of my friends due to I don’t have a bf no longer. They have bfs so now I’m the one Rhys doesn’t fit anymore sadly! It’s okay I have learned that my happiness comes within side me. I’m still special to my family. Thanks for opening my eyes to there is so much more in life!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this positive post! This year really has forced many of us to be more mindful, and to appreciate all that we have and who we have around us. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, such an inspiring post. This is the kind of life I’m trying to live. I’ve become much better at cutting down on ‘needless’ spending but I know I can do better. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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