Purchases That Have Changed The Quarantine Game

To this day, I still feel like we are all in this weird dream that is 2020 & we will just miraculously wake up & everything will be back to the way it was in February. But as it is, we have had to make a few changes to make the best out of the situation. Some of us have had to create home offices, find ways to prevent boredom being stuck inside our homes & finding unique ways to stay connected with family & friends. I wanted to share with you a few different purchases we have made to jazz up our quarantine. Here are our recommendations:

Invest in a nice outdoor patio set

We bought this set back in August, & it was the best decision especially being stuck inside. Over the summer & even now, we love eating our meals out here, reading books or just simply getting some fresh air. Especially during stay at home order, having this nice setup prevented me from getting cabin fever. And it just turned out so nice! If you want to know where we got this patio set & the lovely accessories, check out my post on Making Your Home A Sanctuary.

Have a Bonfire

We were lucky enough to already own this firepit that was purchased from Home Depot a few years ago. We brought it to this house & I’m so glad we did, especially during these times as it created a cheap activity for us to do together. Sitting by the fire on a chilly fall evening is a perfect activity to do with family or friends. If you don’t have one available at home, you can also look up local beaches in your area as some allow nightly bonfires. We have done this in the past as well & it’s super fun.

Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub

This was something of discussion for a year. We were going back & forth on whether we should invest in a legit one or just test the waters & get this inflatable one. Like most things during the beginning of March, these hot tubs were a hot commodity. But we managed to find one on sale at Walmart a few weeks ago. It has jets & everything. We plan to string some lights under the deck to add some atmosphere. This one in particular holds about four people, but we decided it was perfect for Covid times since it will most likely be just us in it. I’m so glad we finally got one as it will be so fun to have when the weather gets colder & it snows. Fingers crossed we get a blizzard this year.

Home Improvement Projects

I swear we have turned into the Chip & Joanna Gaines couple. We always have a house project we are working on. Being stuck inside & noticing every little detail of your house will do that to you. First, it was staining the deck, then it was the yard (which we are still working on) & painting our walls. The list goes on & on. Basically we wanted to transform our home from 90’s traditional style to a more modern look without breaking the bank. Amazon has been our best friend in that department. We were able to change all our door fixtures & knobs for rather cheap, as well as our sink fixtures in the kitchen & upstairs bathroom.

One rainy weekend, we even painted our kitchen, living room & basement walls to a nice light grey shade which were originally a yellowish beige. These small changes have really transformed our home. And I’m so glad we did it in a very cost effective way. Thanks to quarantine, we have embraced homebody life so having a space that showcases our personalities & styles makes it even better.

Create a Home Office / Gaming Center

My boyfriend finally set up his home office in our basement after 6 months of working from home. An office being the secondary goal as it screams gaming central! Like most of the world, we have been loving the game, Fall Guys. If you haven’t played, it’s a hilarious one that has us on the floor laughing all the time.

I also created my own little space upstairs, which has turned into my “beauty / blogging office.” Let me know if you’d like a tour of this space in the future. But as of right now, it’s a work in progress. I find having little spaces to call your own vital during these times.

Buy Yourself a Wheeling Cooler

We decided on this over the summer as we love going to the beach & bringing our own drinks & lunches. During quarantine we discovered a local park beach that we went to a few times. Having this cooler was so necessary. I think it would also be perfect for those who love camping or are thinking of this during the fall season. It also saved us money by bringing our own food to those locations.

Make Cooking Easy With an Instant Pot

We would have purchased this regardless of the state of the world. But being inside more calls for more home cooked meals & this kitchen gadget has been a lifesaver. I was going to buy a crockpot as I’ve grown up with those my entire life, but this brand of slow cooker is really nice! I was skeptical on whether we would use it enough. But we use it at least a few times a week. If you have any recipes to share, comment down below.

20 thoughts on “Purchases That Have Changed The Quarantine Game

  1. Me and my sisters definitely made use of out inflatable *pool (tho) during the summer and we were so happy we get to do other things despite the pandemic! Haha your bonfire looks really relaxing. I’d love to try these suggestions, thanks for this! πŸ™‚ xo

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  2. My boyfriends parents got an inflatable hot tub – used it yesterday and it was amazing! Would love to see your space in more detail when its all done. I love all these suggestions, looks like you’ve made really good use of lock down xx

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