I Love The Blogging Community

Thank you so much to Paracosmos for nominating me for The Blogger Recognition Award. 🏆 I seriously love how supportive the blogging community is & I’d like to spread the love as well.


1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site

2. Do a post to show your award

3. Give a summary of how your blog started

4. Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers

5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award

6. Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post.

How Mind.Beauty.Simplicity was born:

I talk about this in a previous post on What Truly Makes Me Happy, but since I have a few more people in my blogging family, I’ll share my story.

Basically, I’ve always had a love for writing. I used to want to be a journalist for the longest time & I wrote for my school’s newspapers throughout my life. I guess, I just have a way with words. I always had the thought of a blog in my head. I was so afraid to share this side of me with the rest of world because I thought my friends wouldn’t get it & my insecurities took the best of me. So, for many years I suppressed this side of myself. I wrote in journals & carried a lot of thoughts in my head. But never really felt like I was important enough to share those thoughts to the world.

But then, 2020 showed itself & just when I thought I was getting my life together, life really showed itself. And I’ve basically had to start over at age 29. Which was upsetting at first but now I’m surprisingly grateful because I honestly hated the path I was on. I was on that journey because it was easy & I was good with children & didn’t mind that life. But I’m so much more than that. I felt like I was stuck following what other people saw me as. And I’m not that person. I’m more creative than that.

So, in July, I created this page. And I didn’t know what to really expect from it. But I’m so glad I did.

You Want My Advice?

Be Yourself. I used to own this small picture frame that had this message, designed with stars & a moon. It was just a bedroom decoration in my childhood room but it meant a lot to me.

I think a lot of new bloggers follow the path of everyone else. Which, it’s great to gain influence from others & learn a thing or two. But I think the reason some blogs gain a big following is because they stayed true to themselves. Be different. Share your perspectives. Don’t be cookie cutter.

Be Vulnerable. I’ve learned how to share my personal stories & be open without feeling scared. People want to read about things they can relate to & they want to feel the emotions from the writer. They want to get to know you the best they can through your words & ideas. So share those stories.

Bloggers Who Deserve All The Awards:

I nominate the following:

Pretty Plus & Proud: I love Edna’s blog’s. Her writing is impeccable & her stories and thoughts really draw you in. She also posts fun ootd’s on her IG 😊

Tiani: She not only has a blog but also a Youtube channel. She writes about motherhood, recipes, mental health awareness & other lifestyle topics. I love how she keeps it real & shares relatable & helpful tips.

Jess : Not So Insane: If you love topics of mental health awareness & psychology as much as I do, def check out Jess’ blog! Her topic choices are so thought provoking & create a discussion of these topics. Her positivity shines through in her writing, which is much needed in today’s world.

Peter: This guys IG is so beautiful & a minimalist’s dream. He also gives great tips on minimalism & simple living. He’s someone who deserves so much more followers. So if you are interested in the topic of minimalism, def check him out.

The Growth Story: This is someone I discovered when I first started on this platform. His work is so thought provoking. I love his thoughts on mindfulness & having a positive mindset in life. Every time I read one of his posts, I leave having learned something or feel empowered.

MyJournalLogin: For someone who is a new blogger, I see this particular blogger going very far! I love the look of her page & the topics are fun & relatable for this time. Plus, her brownie recipe will make you instantly hungry. For more of her content, check out her IG.

Kaitlin: This blogger of Late Nights & Lattes & I are so alike. Haha. Her blog is so pretty & filled with such fun content. Not only does she write about lifestyle topics, she is a poet! I am always so impressed by poetry. Not only is her blog pleasing to the eye, but she also posts ootd’s other awesome pictures in her IG.

Sustainably Grace: If you want to learn more about sustainability & zero waste, this girl’s blog is for you. I mean who doesn’t want to be more ethically aware of the environment? I personally love her posts on living on a budget & saving money. She is also on IG. Let’s get her to 100 followers!

Amy of Delicate & Brutal: Every Sunday, Amy posts about her medical & personal experiences in a witty fashion. I love how blunt & real this girl is with her writing. And her strength of vulnerability is something I strive to be. So definitely check her page out & follow her on IG.

Plant Centered Healing: Kelsey is not only a great writer, but also a warrior. She spreads the awareness of assault through personal experiences with grace & strength. She is someone to look up & learn from. Not only that, but congratulate her as she is getting married! 🙂

BusinessWomenThrive: Sarah is proof that business women DO thrive. She is a boss in the blogging community. She is such a hard worker. She’s always creating pins, working on posts & just hustling. She is someone I see going very far in this community. She provides the best tips on blogging, finance, business & being successful. Definitely check out her IG as well .

Shreya: This blogger is also another hustler. She juggles both college & writing beautifully. Her most recent posts about the metaphorical connotation of flowers was remarkable. And definitely follow her on IG for amazing photos.

Didi’s Diary: If you want to find a blogger who does amazing product reviews, check out Didi’s page. She talks all things beauty, skincare & DIY projects! So fun! Also, follow her on IG for product closeups, quotes & lifestyle content.

Little Blog of Positivity: We love a yoga guru! Alison has an amazing blog if you are looking for positivity & motivation to get active. She does challenges to help motivate you & create an easy at home yoga session. Lose that quarantine weight & gain a more clear mindset. Follow her on IG for more content.

Milford Street: I love blogs about travel & local experiences. And his blog does just that! I love discovering the hidden gems of towns & places. And adding another’s perspective makes for a great review. He also takes amazing photos of his travels so, check him out on IG as well.

19 thoughts on “I Love The Blogging Community

  1. Hey congratulations Brittany! 🙌
    You have shared some valuable advice here, sharing personal stories is one of the best ways to connect with the readers.
    Thank you for the nomination, much appreciated 😊

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