31 Days of Decluttering

Do you want to pair down your belongings? Do you wish you owned less things? Do you feel overwhelmed & stressed with the overstimulation of clutter? Maybe you deserve a good old fashion decluttering session. Bonnie of Beautiful Minimal Millenial made a post about a 31 Day Decluttering Challenge for the month of October. And I was like, YES this is perfect for myself & my followers to do together. So who’s with me?

I figured with a new season approaching it’s a great time to let go of some things around your homes & lifestyle. I know I personally love to do this right before the major holidays because around Thanksgiving and Christmas, you tend to accumulate tons of gifts & other items.


  1. Remove one thing from your life per day.
  2. Keep a list of the things you decluttered in October.
  3. Tag BMM on Instagram and use the hashtag #goodbye31

Suggested items to remove:

. Ditch clothing you no longer wear

. Cancel the plans that would usually make you feel drained.

. Eliminate an expectation that you thought you needed to keep.

. Delete a toxic person from your phone contacts or social media.

. Unsubscribe from emails that no longer serve you.

My Thoughts:

I for one, am excited for this challenge. I love an excuse to declutter. And no matter how often I do it, there is always more to tweak. And to be honest, after reading her suggestion list, I never considered lifestyle changes to be considered decluttering. Great! I’m ready! If you want to be rid of even more things, consider decluttering the amount of items depending on the date! Day 31 would be a challenge for sure!

Look out for an update post on November 1st to find out how I managed to accomplish this challenge & my thoughts on the benefits of it. Let me know if you will be joining in on the challenge too don’t forget to tag me & Bonnie on IG with the #goodbye31.

51 thoughts on “31 Days of Decluttering

  1. I don’t have a lot of stuff, I think I’m good, maybe not. πŸ˜… I don’t know lol. Maybe I’m holding on to stuff that’s irrelevant but I just don’t want to give it up. I’m looking forward to your results. 😁


  2. I’m a tad bit late for this but I’m definitely jumping on it. I’ve been procrastinating taking some old clothes out solely because i tend to hoard unintentionally under the pretense that i might need it later on, it won’t be easy but I’m up for the challenge!!

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  3. Oh wow, so happy to read this post. I’m glad that I started this month and look forward to reading your journey in November.

    Before I got married and moved to another state, my partner and I completed the minimalism game long distance. It was nice to see him making room for me. It can be refreshing to edit our spaces.

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  4. I have just this week been through my clothes and decluttered and taken things to the op shop, so I’m feeling like I’ve made a start. Great tips and thanks for sharing on my #shoutoutsaturday post πŸ™‚

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