10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

When decluttering, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint what is needed & what is completely unnecessary. I’ve discussed the process of decluttering, capsule wardrobes & pairing down. But I haven’t yet told you what you really don’t need in your closet in the first place. Let’s take a look.

  1. Clothing With The Tags Still on Them: I used to be guilty of this. I would purchase a few new items, leave the tags on incase I wanted to return them, but never do & end up not wearing it anyway. Once I purchase something now, I always take the tags off. But if you have pieces like this in your wardrobe it’s a strong indication you don’t like the item or completely forgot about it. So either remember to wear it or let it go.

2. Damaged or Worn Out Items You No Longer Can Wear: I’m guilty of holding on to clothing for way too long. I love wearing something until it’s falling apart. But after awhile, you won’t look your best in worn out clothes so it’s best to get rid of them & replace them if it’s something you loved. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily donate very damaged clothes, but there are recycling programs to consider instead.

3. Your Fantasy Self Items: If you don’t know what your fantasy self is, I suggest you visit my post on Is It Your Fantasy Self Talking?. But in short, your fantasy self is someone you wish to be but never truly achieve or even want to be. It’s perfectly fine to have dreams & goals, but if you are holding on to items such as old skis (and you never ski anymore), that could be taking up precious space for new things.

4. Guilt Trip Pieces: These are the items of clothing you may have spent too much money on. You feel too guilty to get rid of it because you spent your hard earned money on it. But it just sits, untouched for months. Let go of that guilt and get rid of those items. And maybe this will teach you to think twice on some expensive purchases.

5. Gifts You Don’t Use: This also goes along with the feelings of guilt. Gifts are a great way to show appreciation, but sometimes that person may surprise you with a clothing piece that’s just not your style. As much as you try to wear it, it’s just not you deep down. You need to be ok with letting go of these items. Otherwise, your closet will be filled with clothes other people like instead of one’s that make you happy. Choose yourself & your personal style first.

6. Overly Trendy Items: Don’t feel the need to keep up with every trend you see online. Unless you really love it, you shouldn’t be influenced by social media culture in that way. These pieces of clothing come and go. And it’s more benefical to find basic & timeless attire to cull a nice wardrobe.

7. Things That No Longer Fit: Whether you’ve lost a ton of weight & have tops or bottoms that are just way too loose or baggy or you have a pair of shorts two sizes too small. You shouldn’t really keep these items even if you tell yourself you’ll fit in them next month. It sets a negative mindset when you are getting dressed. The great part of owning less is the ability to replace certain things with the correct size. You’ll feel so much more confident & put together.

8. Lingerie in Every Color & Style: I’ve been guilty of this before. I would go to Victoria Secret & purchase bras & matching underwear in an array of colors when I really only wore a select few. I’ve been looking into other brands anyway, because I find some brands like Victoria Secret to be way too expensive for the quality pay off. Also if you have any that are damaged, ripped or stained. Get them out.They say you should be replacing your bras & underwear every 6 to 8 months anyway. You deserve to feel your best & the most confident when it comes to your lingerie & undergarments. Plus, I consider your undergarments the bones to your outfit. They dictate whether a clothing piece will sit properly on your figure.

9. Cheesy Graphic T-shirts: I was a bit embarrassed by the amount of graphic t-shirts I own. From sports logos, to free event t-shirts, to band T’s I don’t even listen to. It was insane. And I love a good graphic t-shirt once in awhile. But especially now that I’m older, it feels a bit juvenile. I’d say to choose your top 5 & the rest need to go.

10. Sentimental Items: Whether it’s your prom dress or bridesmaids gown or any one time only clothing piece, you should probably let it go. (I’m not talking about wedding gowns). Give it to a friend or someone who may need it more than you do. I for one never kept my prom dress. I had no use for it afterward so why not donate it?

I hope this list was helpful to you in your decluttering process. Let me know, what’s something you can get rid of in your wardrobe?

28 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! There’s a few of these that I’m guilty of, especially the gifts you don’t use part! I’ve been given so many items of clothing for birthdays/Christmas over the years and have kept them purely out of guilt, only to end up feeling ten times worse when I eventually throw them away! xx

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  2. This was super helpful! I need to declutter my lingerie and mostly tshirts/tops in my wardrobe. I work shift work so am in a uniform most of the week, at home it’s just the same outfits. Think I’ll make a start on my days off 😌 thanks for sharing x

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  3. This is something I desperately need to do. I have a closet filled with clothes…and yet I only wear about 5% of the clothes in there. I tell myself that I’ll wear those never wear outfits one day… but I’m not sure if that ‘one day’ will ever arrive!

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  4. I definitely struggle with the gifts one, I just feel so bad giving away something that someone gave me as a gift! Especially if it was from my mom, because there’s always the chance she’ll ask about it haha

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