Why You Should Consider A Low Buy Year

One of my goals of 2020 was to stop excess shopping. I wanted to get away from the notion, happiness is derived from material items. Hate to break it to you, it’s not. You can’t mask emotions or problems with stuff. All you have is more stuff in the way of things that truly matter, like experiences. And you haven’t solved the issue of being happy with your own being.

What is a Low Buy / No Buy?

The concept of a low or no buy year is the idea of not purchasing excess & unnecessary items. This could pertain to all aspects of your life from clothing, beauty products, even food. Whatever you feel you purchase too much of, a low buy is a way to teach yourself to live with less or none of that item at all.

But it doesn’t stop there. Practicing a low buy can teach you to shift your mindset from over-consuming & to being grateful for what you already have. It has you ask the questions, why am I buying this stuff? Why don’t I feel satisfied with these purchases? And what is the true meaning to my shopping addictions?

Why is it so Beneficial?

I found this topic to be a helpful discussion especially with fall rolling around. I feel like each season people are pressured to add new things to their wardrobe when they should be rediscovering what they already own. Why do people feel more complete when they purchase new clothing pieces for example? What’s so wrong with last year’s sweater & jeans?

Shop Your Own Closet

How about for this fall season, you shop your closet first before feeling the need to add more. This is why I love decluttering seasonally. It’s a time to re-evaluate & see what I’m missing (if anything) from my wardrobe. For example, I could use a new pair of ankle boots). But for the most part, I’m very content with my collection of clothing pieces where I don’t feel the need to shop. And that’s so liberating.

And why not shift your way of thinking to activities instead. Go on a hike. Be one with nature. As the weather is cooling down it’s the perfect time to explore local hotspots. Plus, usually it’s free! We recently discovered river tubing during the summer season & we plan to find some hiking areas along the east coast we haven’t been to yet. (if you have any recommendations, let me know).

Why I Shifted My Mindset?

I’ll be honest, I find shopping enjoyable. Especially with other people, it’s a great bonding experience. Like a lot of years on Black Friday, my boyfriend’s family & I go out & shop for hours on end & come home with tons of finds & gifts for the holidays. I personally love the activity because it’s an experience I can look back on & appreciate the time I spent with them. The key to it all is acknowledging the moment instead of the purchases. And for the most part I never really went out to find deals or buy a ton of things. I would have a few items in mind that I needed or gifts I wanted to give people. But having a mental list prevented me from having regretful purchases. But I’ll be honest sometimes when you shop at early hours, you come home with some interesting stuff.

I also prefer window shopping. You have the benefit of the experience but you don’t spend money. I especially love going to stores that are heavily decorated for certain holidays. It’s very joyous & gets me in the holiday spirit.

I also used to spend hours at the mall & spend hundreds of dollars on clothing pieces. At first I would feel so good having these things. But sometimes months would go by & those clothing pieces I had to have would still have their tags. So did I really need it? Or was I simply doing a bit of self gratification?

What Have I Gained From This?

I decided to have a low buy with clothing & makeup. I’ve finished up so many products where my collection has shrunk two fold. If you didn’t know, I used to be a Makeup Hoarder & felt like I had to have every new product & huge collections. I followed the crowd instead of being authentically me. And I’ve only purchased a few new clothing pieces, but have been wearing the majority of the same stuff I’ve always had. I appreciate the things I own more. I feel like I get my money’s worth. And when I do want something new, I wait a while until I actually purchase it to get away from instant gratification.

Now It’s Your Turn

I challenge you, my readers to consider a low/ no buy year of something you purchase too much of. Start by limiting your spending for a month, then add another month & see how that goes. Or if you want something, make a wish list & come back to it later. Leave a comment telling me what you’ll be buying less of.

28 thoughts on “Why You Should Consider A Low Buy Year

  1. From a broke and selective minimalist person, I have no problem doing this 😅. Kidding aside, it’s actually very freeing to not care too much about material possessions. Plus, you save so much space in your home 😄

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  2. As you said about yourself, I am someone who likes to shop. All this sheltering in place has led to a lot less spending, which is great. I am buying fewer clothes because I’m shopping in my closet as you so wisely saud.


  3. Love this idea! I have gotten so used to online shopping during this pandemic that I have ended up with a bunch of clothes I don’t even get to wear out of the house 🙄 I’m definitely going to start implementing a low buy clothing budget this month.

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  4. I do the ‘low buy’ thing purely because I don’t have a lot of money and I want to save up any extra cash. The fact that I don’t like shopping also helps.

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

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