My Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I wanted to start a seasonal series on my capsule wardrobes. A few weeks back I posted about the basic concepts of a capsule wardrobe & the benefits of pairing down your belongings. Here’s my summer edition.

A bit of a recap, a capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of timeless pieces that can be mixed & matched accordingly. The capsule wardrobe has a set number of items that can create numerous outfits within each piece.

The Benefits To a Curated Closet

🌿More Space

🌿 Less Clutter

🌿Money Saved

🌿 More Time

Let’s Take a Closer Look 👀

How Do You Own Such Few Clothing?

To be completely honest, I feel like I own a lot clothes. Each capsule wardrobe may seem extremely condensed but if you put all of it together, it’s quite a lot of items. As silly as it may sound, I want to declutter even more.

When my closet was jam packed & I was unable to move my hangers back & forth, it was the most frustrating thing. And to my surprise, I would tell myself I had nothing to wear. I didn’t really have favorites in my closet back then. I just bought stuff because other people liked it. I wasn’t being my authentic self.

When I was a teenager especially, I believed the only way to remain attractive was to constantly be buying new outfits & having tons of it. If I was seen in an outfit once, it had to be replaced. I don’t know if the underlying issue was low self esteem, but I was miserable.

I remember back in highschool, my boyfriend at the time looked at my wardrobe & told me I needed to own more shoes. Now instead of just blowing that off & assuming he was a bit more metro than other guys, I took those type of comments to heart. I took it as I’m not attractive because I don’t own enough shoes. Crazy right?

Fast forward to today, & I can proudly say I have a lot more confidence in myself. I really don’t care what people think. And I wear what I want. In a lot of ways, I masked my emotions through stuff instead of dealing with my feelings head on.

💕 My Favorite Combinations:

A good grey tee paired with white shorts is the perfect casual look for the warmer months.
White tee & a great fitting pair of jeans = a classic fit
I’ve been loving yellow lately, which is odd for me. But it’s a nice pop of color for the season.
My favorite date night look!

Shop My Closet: Here are a few links to some of the items if interested. Ones I could not find I listed the brand or something similar. Many of the items I own I’ve had for a few years now, so it’s likely not to be in stock.


💕 Treasurebond Muscle Tank Midi Dress

💕 Leith Floral Maxi Dress

💕 Forever 21 Red Dress

💕 Monteau Light Pink Dress


🌿 A New Day Basic Tee Shirts

🌿 J.crew Slim Perfect Tee Shirt


💕 TopShop Jamie Jeans

💕 Pacsun Denim Shorts


🌿 Sam Edelman Gala Slide Sandal

🌿 Sam Edelman Gigi Thong Sandal

🌿 Sam Edelman Patti Ankle Strap Sandal


💕 ASTR the Label Tank Top

💕 Chelsea 28 Peach Tank

💕 Forever21 Cherry Tank Top

I actually found once I paired down my clothing to a fewer amount, I was able to get dressed a lot quicker. Instead of obsessing over my outfit for the day, I can place my attention on the people around me & the tasks presented that day. Becoming more mininal made me appreciate my belongings more.

Steve Jobs for example wore the same black turtleneck & jeans everyday so he could eliminate an unnecessary decision from his routine. He wanted to focus on his other priorities instead.

I don’t think I could wear the same thing everyday. But I understand the concept. Even though I have few items, I still love fashion & owning a few unique pieces.

What I love about my capsule wardrobe is I wear everything I own & feel good in it. At any time I feel finished with a piece or I want to replace something, I just do a bit of decluttering seasonally.

Room For Improvement:

In the future, I would love to eventually move away from fast fashion companies & invest in pieces more ethically made & have a longer lasting power. But I’d hate to just get rid of everything & start from scratch. I’d rather get use out of the clothing I have & just replace with higher quality items later.

Final Thoughts 💭

It’s not the amount of clothing you have, it’s what you do with it. It’s amazing how downsizing my wardrobe made me appreciate my clothes even more. I’ve determined my own unique style as well as saved tons of money along the way. Never feel like you need to go out and purchase a whole new outfit to be happy. Be an outfit repeater & be confident about it.

– B 🌿

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