5 Reasons Letting Go Is So Damn Difficult!

Wanting to have a more clear life starts by letting go of what no longer serves us. But why is it so difficult to let go in the first place?

You Are Still Living in the Past

Nostalgia can be a precious thing. Whether it’s a smell, an object or even a memory, these things tie us to what we once were. We almost hold on to things for the sole purpose of trying to preserve our memories.

Especially if it’s a physical object, it’s almost as if we keep these things with the fear of forgetting. We must remember the most powerful aspect of our memories are ourselves. Again, don’t let your objects hold so much credit.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but sentimental items are very difficult for me to declutter. Photographs, drawings or trinkets reminding myself of people I care about hold so much meaning to me. Especially, in the grieving process, I had to slowly change my perspective on objects. Even I must remind myself, the object is not the person. Hopefully by repeating this mantra in my head, I can let go of more sentimental things in the future.

You Feel Guilty Giving It Up

Maybe you have a pit in your stomach for purchasing something so expensive you never use. Or perhaps you were gifted something & although the gesture is always sweet, you just don’t use it. These feelings of guilt should not become a burden to your mind.

If you feel guilty over whether you should get rid of something, you should always be rid of that item. I don’t care what it is. But it’s no good to be holding on to such guilt either.

Fear of Needing it in the Future

This concept reminds me of everyone buying tons of toilet paper in the beginning of the pandemic. Fear & consumerism when tied together, create chaos. You can’t go walking around with the mindset of the world is ending or “I’ll never be able to find this again.” That’s when hoarding develops. And we really don’t want that.

This is why when shopping I don’t purchase just incase items or bulk items. To me, it just seems like a waste of space, money & product. Save some for the rest of us please.

What will People Think?

Oh my god, I don’t have another chair in my living room. What will people think when they have to sit on the floor.

Oh my god, I didn’t keep that dish my mother past down to me, what will she think of me now?

Oh my god, if I don’t own a toaster, people will think I’m crazy for not toasting my bread. 😂

We must not let other people determine the fate of our belongings

What we decide to hold onto versus what we decide to let go is our own decision. Don’t let things or people’s thoughts cause a burden to your life. You have so much more to live for.

It Hints You Were Wrong

Admitting you were wrong about something can be a hard pill to swallow. But it’s also extremely human & liberating. Maybe you were wrong about a certain style of clothing working for you. Or in a more deep sense, maybe a certain person in your life is wrong for you.

Whatever it may be, it’s ok to admit it wasn’t right & it’s healthy to finally let it go. Life is too short to be living with things & people that don’t serve you. And if anything else, these wrongdoings can be seen as lessons leading us to our correct path.

I truly hope these tips help you have more clarity with the idea of having a clutter free life. Comment down below what holds you back from letting go.

B 🌿

22 thoughts on “5 Reasons Letting Go Is So Damn Difficult!

  1. An amazing post, you have articulated well and have covered the most important reasons that can cause us to hold on to certain things even if they add little to no value. I think the thought of needing it in the future is one of the biggest one.

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  2. As a closet hoarder: yes, yes and YES! I’m always afraid I’ll need something AFTER I toss it or hold onto it for sentimental reasons. Which is weird cause I’m the pilot opposite at work (I’m borderline OCD with organization and no clutter). These tips were a great proverbial “kick in the ass” to translate my organization to home. Thanks for the great read!

    Liked by 1 person

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