50 Things I Do NOT Buy

When I look back on my teenage & young adult years, I am shocked at the amount of money I would waste on unnecessary purchases. Now that I’m older & no longer need validation from others, I am much smarter with my money & what I bring into my home. Living a life with intention has taught me to consume less.

Here are 50 ( yes, 50) items I no longer purchase: 💰

1. Subscription Boxes: I’m talking about meal subscriptions like Hello Fresh & Blue Apron. As a household of two, I don’t see the need for plans such as this at the moment. Maybe with a family I would be more inclined. But for now, I’m keeping it simple with grocery runs. This also includes subscription boxes like Fab Fit Fun or BarkBox. These monthly boxes don’t seem worth the money in my opinion. The items they offer don’t always appeal to me either.

2. Cable: We don’t find the need to own hundreds of tv channels. Having an antenna for basic news & subscriptions like Netflix & Amazon Prime suit us just fine.

3. DVD’s: Excluding my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & Seinfeld dvd sets, (because those are prized possessions) I no longer have the urge to go out searching for DVD series to have at home since they are easy to find digitally.

4. Multiple Phone Cases: I have one phone so I only have the need for one case which stays on the phone at all times.

5. Makeup Wipes: They are one time use & such a waste of money. I switched to using micellar water with a wash cloth. Wash clothes can be washed & reused constantly & they take makeup off just fine.

6. Cotton Pads: I have no need for these as I use wash clothes to take off makeup or nail polish. You can purchase reusable cotton pads too. I haven’t tried these yet but have heard good things.

7. Nail polish: I used to own so many colors of nail polish. I usually just go to the salon for a mani pedi if I feel the need. Otherwise, I like to let me nails breathe.

8. Uncomfortable Shoes: If a pair of shoes gives me blisters, they are gone! And I usually only wear 3 inch heels on special occasions. Otherwise, I’d be complaining the entire night.

9. Just Incase Items: I used to buy items for occasions that may or not even happened. Cause you just never know when you might need it. They would just sit in a drawer untouched.

10. Air Freshers, Wallflowers & Febreze: These items are so toxic for you, your children & pets. Also they make me sneeze like crazy.

11. Excess Laundry Products: I don’t use fabric softeners or scent boosters. I use detergent, stain remover & dryer balls for static. And that’s it!

12. Shaving Cream: Instead I use body wash or conditioner. I don’t like owning multiple different shower products when body wash works great.

13. Trendy Items: I used to waste money on the latest trends & look back a few years later & wonder what I was thinking. I stick with classic and timeless pieces now.

14. Sale Items: I’m not saying I only buy things full price. I just no longer seek out sales. I used to treat it as a sport & be proud of my cheap finds. Now, even on Black Friday, I have certain things in mind instead of buying random finds.

15. Bottled Water: I have my Hydroflask that travels with me everywhere & I love it. I have the 32oz & 20oz. I recommend everyone purchase some form of reusable water bottle.

16. Magazines: Is there anyone who still buys magazines? I used to collect Seventeen & Vogue like it was my job. 😂

17. Cheap Accessories: I keep a very small amount of jewelry. But all my jewelry are nicely made & long lasting & wont turn my skin green.

18. Candles: Like the air fresheners, breathing in candles are so bad for you. The candles I do own (which were most likely gifted) are merely for decoration & aren’t burned. If I ever do purchase a candle, it would be soy.

19. Souvenirs: I can name one souvenir I still own & it’s a painting I purchased at Venice Beach, California. I love it! But for the most part I just take a ton of pictures when visiting places. And those photos are the only souvenir I need.

20. Special Event Dishware: I don’t need an array of dishes for certain holidays. And I don’t think I ever will. We have one style of dish & they work for all occasions.

21. Decor/ Nicknacks: Now this is a tricky one especially because I live with someone who is not minimalistic (and that’s ok). We have our fair share of trinkets displayed. But I personally love a plain empty wall & counters with barely anything on them. If I do have something displayed, it serves a purpose or means a lot to me.

22. Excess Seasonal Decor: We decorate a tree for Christmas & have our stockings. But I try not to purchase decor for every holiday or season. It’s just way too much to store. And we celebrate those holidays in different ways instead of decorating the home.

23. Handbags: I usually save these items as gift ideas. But honestly, I’m just not a purse girl. Some purses I own, I’ve had for 10 years. I use a bag until there’s nothing left of it.

24. Clothing Hangers: My motto is if I run out of hangers, I need to donate some clothes.

25. Planners: When I was in school I loved planners but now, I just use the notes section on my phone.

26. One Time Use Outfits: Even for special occasions & weddings, I try to find dresses I can wear time & time again. I’m not afraid to be an outfit repeater!

27. Weekly Blowouts: As nice & luxurious it makes me feel, I just style my hair at home now. And I get a hair trim twice a year.

28. Bath & Body Works Body Wash & Sprays: I don’t even step foot in this store anymore. This store sucked my money away. As much as I love the smell of their fragrances, they are horrible for my skin.

29. Lush Bath Bombs: I was obsessed with these for my bubble baths. But again, they irritated my skin & ruined my tub. So no, I’m done with those.

30. Workout Classes: I used to spend hundreds of dollar on yoga & dance classes. As fun as they were, it’s easier for me to just workout at home & follow videos on YouTube.

31. Bar Crawl Tickets: I used to go to Bar Crawls all the time with my friends. They were fun, but rather expensive with not so great drink discounts.

32. Watches: In 2012 I remember Fossil & Michael Kors watches were a thing stacked with bracelets. You had to have the best arm candy. I’m just not a watch person anymore.

33. Duplicate Products: I try to purchase items when I run out & not really keep a collection. This goes for cleaning products, bathroom essentials & hair products. My mottos is use what you have until you make another purchase.

34. Perfume: I own 2 bottles of perfume. I can’t remember the last time I purchased perfume. I’ve used Victoria Secrets Heavenly for years.

35. Makeup: Crazy right? What I mean by this is I don’t buy hyped up makeup products or ones I just find pretty. I purchase what I need & replace when I run out. The only items I’ve purchased this year was Mascara & a face powder.

36. Scarves: I own 3 scarves. A red one, a grey one & a thick tan one. And that’s all I need. I haven’t purchased one in years.

37. Loofas: I just prefer to use wash clothes that I can wash regularly. I was always replacing loofas & wash clothes just seem cleaner.

38. Unique Hair Accessories: I just stick to hair elastics & Bobby pins

39. Multiple Apple Products: I don’t need all the latest gadgets like apple watches, Ipads, etc. I have a laptop & an Iphone6s & it still works great!

40. Smoothies: Getting smoothies out can really add up. Making them at home is not only cheaper but also healthier because I know the ingredients.

41. Impulse Buys: How many times have you bought something just because it was cute? I no longer do this. Instead I give my purchases some thought first.

42. Bulk Items: Since there is only 2 of us in the house, I don’t find it necessary to buy excess food items or products. I’ve considered getting a Costco membership card, but not sure if it would be worth it.

43. Cleaning Rags: I have a few old wash clothes I use to clean, but I haven’t purchased any for awhile. A life hack for cleaning rags is cutting up old & unused sheets.

44. Multiple Cleaning Products: The only products I use are Windex, a Multi-surface spray, & Scrubbing Bubbles. I don’t have wood cleaner or fancy products for certain materials. I stick with the basic products & a vacuum.

45. Plastic Straws: This is probably an obvious one, but I’m a straw girl so I purchased metal straws from Target & love them!

46. Digital Cameras: I use to be really into photography & still love taking photos. I still own a power shot camera but I don’t see myself purchasing any new cameras in the future. I just use my phone camera.

47.Specialty Food-Prep Tools & Gadgets: I don’t have much kitchen storage to begin with, but also find using a tool for every type of cooking useless in my opinion. I’m old school when it comes to cooking. We do own an InstaPot, Kitchen Aid, & Toaster Oven, but for the most part, I don’t have the urge to buy every gadget.

48. Mail in Invitations: Any invitations we would send out most likely would be sent out as a Facebook invite or digitally emailed/texted. This saves money on stamps & the invites themselves.

49. Plastic Food Storage Containers: To me, it makes no sense in spending money on one-use containers. I prefer Pyrex or ones that are dishwasher safe.

50. Useless Gifts: For the most part when I purchase a gift for someone I make sure it’s something they truly want or could really use. Even if the gift isn’t a surprise, I’m glad I know it’s something they want.

If you stuck around to the end of this list, congrats! I hope this gave you all some inspiration for living less & saving money.

WHAT ARE SOME THINGS YOU DON’T BUY? Leave a comment down below.

– B 🌿

24 thoughts on “50 Things I Do NOT Buy

  1. I don’t know how magazine publishers stay in business. I do love my Apple products, but I do keep them for a long time. I’m typing this on my 2012 Macbook Air. And I’ve never tried a metal straw – was it hard to get used to?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good list!
    I don’t buy pantyhose. I wear leggings or tights, or bare legs in summer.
    I don’t buy TV or movie subscriptions, I check DVDs out from the library and we watch PBS documentaries.
    I don’t buy glass cleaner, I use water and vinegar instead.

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  3. Thank you, mindbeautysimplicity, for this meaningful post. I think that if people avoid exposure to toxic chemicals as much as possible, they can prevent painful symptoms and life-limiting chemical sensitivities down the road.

    My significant other suffers from chemical sensitivity from childhood exposure to DDT and exposure to other pesticides over the years. We use fragrance-free soap, shampoo, deodorant, detergent, and glass cleaner. For insecticide, we use Terro and boric acid. Some other things we use: borax, baking soda, glycerine as a moisturizer, and hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer. Outdoors, we use vinegar to kill weeds and bleach to kill mold. We have an outdoor kitchen on the lanai where we prepare many foods and have a powerful exhaust fan in the kitchen for the foods we do cook inside.

    Our lifestyle is pretty extreme by necessity. Since chemical-based fragrances are added to so many products, and toxic herbicides and pesticides seem to be ubiquitous, we think that more and more people will become sensitized to chemicals in the future. Do we really need fragranced tire shine?

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    1. Couldn’t agree more with you. And I love you have found so many non toxic alternatives. I don’t think people realize what these products are doing to them. Thanks for stopping by and giving my post a read.


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