Make Your Home A Sanctuary

There I was, sitting in my new wooden outdoor chair, with a cold mason jar filled with sweet tea in my left hand, gazing out at our wooded backyard. “Ah this is the life”. All there is to hear are cicadas chirping in the distance, an indication summer is still upon us.

I love sitting out there. It gives me a sense of peace during such unprecedented times. Now, more than ever people are at home the majority of the time. With that, it’s important your space gives off a sense of reassurance & tranquility. Maybe you want to make a designated work space. Or want to transform your basement into a gym enthusiasts playground. Whatever it may be, make it your own.

Especially during quarantine, I found being outside very uplifting to my psyche. Just a simple walk around the neighborhood or sitting in my backyard changed my mood completely.

I remember taking a walk to the docks one afternoon, perched myself on a large rock & starred out at the creek in front of me. It was then, I was grateful to live somewhere with a view. Although it was not even a mile from my home, it was the change of scenery I was yearning for.

I feel as though people are learning the importance of getting out in nature more instead of looking at their phone all day. When the world is filled with negativity & uproar, sometimes you need to step away.

Occasionally, you have to turn the world off for a second & just take in your surroundings. In my last post, You Are Not Defined By Your Possessions, minimalism teaches us to focus on the moments & the simple pleasures in life.

Home Decor Finds:

We found this modern style patio set off Amazon. I love the light unstained wood finish mixed with black metal accents. When it rains, you can hear the droplets of water ping off the metal fixtures creating a peaceful ambiance.

I wanted a nice pop of color to go along with the minimalistic vibe of the table, so when we saw this blue umbrella from At Home, I snatched it up real quick.

Of course, I love the shade it provides for us & the unique shape prevents it from draping over to our neighbor’s side.

We added this patterned rug to add some comfort & contrast from the wooded deck floor. And then, placed on the table we found these pineapple shaped citronella candles that come in handy & just adds a nice touch to the overall look.

From a House to a Home:

So far, this is my favorite part of our home. I can’t wait to host get togethers with family & friends (when it’s safe of course.) The vibe is incredibly inviting & made me fall in love with the outdoors again.

I’ve created meditative routines of spending a few hours getting lost in a good book or having my breakfast here. It really is the little things. 🌿

Would you like to see how I decorate other parts of my home? Leave a comment down below. ⬇️

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