You Are Not Defined By Your Possessions

Something I learned during quarantine, is I don’t need a whole lot to be happy. And it got me thinking, if everything was stripped from you, who would you be as a person?

Society teaches us success derives from our outward appearance. Where we live, what career we pursue, the clothes we wear, & the car we drive; all of which define who we are as a person. With money, you are able to buy your way to success, self worth & confidence. Minimalism takes those societal expectations and rejects them.

We tend to think, without certain things we are unable to be successful or happy. But why let objects define who you are or rather who you aren’t?

The human mind can be fragile at times. Our actions tend to be driven from our emotional state. Whether we are happy, sad, angry or just really confused, we combat those feelings through action.

And unfortunately, advertising companies thrive on people’s emotions. “If you buy this blazer, you will gain the confidence to ace that job interview!” And although you convince yourself that blazer was what got you that job, I find giving credit to an object is a disservice to yourself.

YOU got that job because YOU were what the hiring manger noticed. NOT the outfit you were wearing. Give more credit to yourself.

Your emotional state can also encourage those impulse purchases. Feeling sad? Here’s something to fix it! When in reality those are merely distractions to your feelings which may seem easier to deal with at the time. But in reality, it’s fear that’s encouraging that thinking. Fear of not being enough without said item.

Instead, the next time you feel an impulse to pursue an action, take a step back, breathe & don’t do anything. [This is why I love meditation]. Especially in a world that is so “go go go” & in need of instant replies, it’s important to slow down sometimes. When you are pushed to take an action based off an emotion, first determine what that feeling is referring to. “Why was I feeling this way?” & “Why do I need to do this to fix it?” Although some distractions are good & overthinking is not, there becomes a problem when you are never checking in on yourself and your feelings. It’s a balancing act.

By taking away the value of objects, I was able to see myself more clearly. Instead of pushing away my emotions, I met them with full force. Instead of thinking life was after me, I realized I just needed to change my perspective. I learned I couldn’t hide in stuff any longer. I had to face those obstacles head on & accept myself for who I truly am. By downsizing, I’ve learned to do without certain things & be ok with it. I can better understand myself & what I want to achieve once I did away with the distractions. I ask myself, “what will make you happy?” Instead of asking “what would other people want me to do?” I have a better sense of gratitude for what I do have. The things I hold dear are what you can’t buy.

And when life strips you of too many familiarities like Covid19 has done, maybe it’s better to stop, breathe, & appreciate the little things.

During quarantine, I read more books, I learned how to cook more, spent more time in nature, & dove into deep conversations with loved ones. By changing our perspective & decreasing our attention from materialism, we can better accept the new reality & enjoy the simple things life has for us. 🌿

Wanna learn more about my journey to minimalism? Click here ⬇️

40 thoughts on “You Are Not Defined By Your Possessions

  1. I think it is obvious that the sad state of affairs in the states have largely been brought about by gross materialism and our election of a president and other legislators who are dominated by their pocketbooks! .

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story . It gives us all comfort we are not alone in this struggle and hard times. COVID19 changed everything for me and my family this year but one thing remained, we continue to live, love and laugh. As for material things , I gave up a house & everything in it many years for one dream …happiness. Best decision ever.

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  3. As Humans we are complex, we do have a physical body that requires food, shelter, and other things, and we are also social beings,but ultimately we are also solipsistic, subjective individuals living within ourselves, living outside of us by the need imposed to us by Nature, God, or whatever explanation you prefer, may forget a lot of us we also live within ourselves, maybe the pandemic restrictions will encourage many of us into that realization, and find peace in solitude. 🙂

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  4. Thank you for sharing this post It inspired me to try to become more minimalistic. I am a new blogger, I would love it if you could check me out x

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  5. Very nicely sad… Outward appearances are what we all strive instead of enhancing our inner beauty. Inner shining is more than the outer one, and when that happens you speak and not your clothes and makeup

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