Why I Became a Minimalist

The journey began in 2017, after losing a family member to Cancer.

A few months after their passing, we were clearing out their home filled with 30 plus years of memories. Memorabilia stacked on shelves, papers & trinkets spilling out of drawers, photographs hung on every inch of the walls. Possessions of all kinds being sold, donated or even trashed. It got me thinking, “If you can’t leave with any of your physical items, what makes them so important? You see, in my eyes I find the moments you share & relationships you have with others are far more valuable than any form of materialism.

Ok, now I’m not saying because I devalue materialism that I live in an empty apartment, sleep on the floor and not own a damn thing. On the contrary, I i enjoy many of my possessions. Ive just simply learned to live with less & have downplayed their importance.

See, the idea of minimalism to me is not necessarily living with x amount of items, or painting your walls white, & only wearing neutral colors. It’s more so living intentionally. You see, it’s time to prioritize your life. The idea of stuff can easily consume your life to the point of no return. And it’s not just those physical items that can bog you down too. Look at every aspect of your life – the things you own, your career path, the people you’re spending time with…all of which are important. Why spend your life with unnecessary possessions, a career that’s not going anywhere, or people you can’t stand.

Simplify your life.

“Make room for things that matter by removing everything that doesn’t” – Brian Gardner

After being on this journey for a few years now, I can say living with less has given me more clarity & helped me focus on moments instead of things. I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I used to feel when items ruled my life. I used to be an avid therapy shopper. Instead of dealing with my emotions or certain obstacles, I would mend those feelings by purchasing new clothing or makeup products [I can expand on that a bit later]. Bottom line is, going on this “less is more” journey has made me feel so much happier in my life. I live in the moment more. I have better relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. I have an overall sense of gratitude for life.

~ B

24 thoughts on “Why I Became a Minimalist

  1. Oh my gosh this is why I love minimalism besides dealing with less stuff. Minimalism gives me the clarity to cut other things out. Like you said perfectly, “Why spend your life with unnecessary possessions, a career that’s not going anywhere, or people you can’t stand.”

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  2. you offer such compelling reasons to become a minimalist. And l like how you point out that it is not just stuff, but people and careers as well. This was particularly relevant to read this week, since we rented a dumpster this week to start getting rid of stuff. It does feel good to have less around the house.

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  3. Sorry for your loss, I walk in the Relay For Life because I am passionate about it, I have lost lots of family to cancer. I simply love everything about this post though! The thought process behind this is just fabulous!

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  4. Sorry for your loss, these tragic events always tend to bring big changes into our lives. Personally, my journey with minimalism started in a much more “joyful” way as it was because of a move to boarding school : impossible to bring many items with you in that case! I agree, minimalism sets you free, really. Free from things, free from so many worries, and free from shopping. It was a very interesting post, thank you!


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