I was a Makeup Hoarder

How I Went From a Dresser Filled With Makeup To One Single Makeup Bag

I didn’t really wear makeup in high school. The most I would wear was mascara out of that green tube [you know the one] & a bit of concealer on whatever zits I had sporting that morning [which always looked orange by lunch time]. It wasn’t until I needed to cake my face for dance competitions did I realize I needed to figure this shit out. So, like any other millennial, I googled it.

Now back in 2007-2009 , most of you probably know Youtube as that website with random cat videos, that muffin guy, & “Charlie bit my finger”. Well, so did I until I came across these videos called, “Makeup Collections”. These beauty gurus would get on camera and show off their collections: which consisted of drawers filled to the brim of compacts, tubes of liquid confidence & hundreds of dollars down the drain . I was blown away by the concept of collecting makeup products, especially since before then I owned one mascara and whatever free Clinique product my mom didn’t want to use. I became engrossed by these videos, wanting to buy all the products advertised.

Little did I know the marketing ploys, consumerism, & other tactics that were involved in these videos. I was too caught up in my developing passion for makeup. I wanted to be just like them. And these beauty gurus just wanted to make money. My happiness started to revolved around whether i would find the latest item. Some ranging from 50-80 bucks! Cheaper items were even worse because if a blush was $2 a piece, I’d buy 10. Most of the time, I wouldn’t even use any of them. They would sit lonely in a drawer for years just decomposing. It was an addiction. It wasn’t until I discovered minimalist makeup collections & decluttering videos when I turned a new leaf & realized I didn’t need all of that makeup.

I still watch these videos today, but with a different perspective. I no longer feel the need to own hundreds of products & simply just have the few that work best for my skin. Sometimes I go days without even wearing makeup [especially during quarantine]. I no longer believe the gimmicks. I actually finish an entire product now instead of letting it expire. And I’ve saved tons of money.

How To Start Downsizing Your Collection:

Start by picking out one product you love out of each category.

Next: Decide if there are any categories you could live without. [EX: I’ve never understood the importance of Primer & I use Concealer as my eyeshadow base]

DECLUTTER! DECLUTTER! & DECLUTTER SOME MORE: Do you own any expired products? DITCH EM! Multiple lipsticks of the same shade? PARE THEM DOWN! Foundations not your shade? GET THE RIGHT ONE. Any products you finished up? CONGRATS! THROW EM OUT! Own every color of the rainbow when it comes to your eyeshadows & only wear browns? GET THEM OUT OF HERE!

Keep only the products that make you feel like a 10! You won’t believe the amount of items you don’t use. You’ll be better off.

And it’s not that my passion for makeup is gone. I just went a way with the “keeping up with the Jones’ mentality”

Owning everything won’t make you happier. You have to be happy with yourself without anything first.

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